Birman are also known as the Sacred Cats of Burma. The legend relates to the temple of Lao-Tsun, built to worship Tsun-Kyan-Kse, a golden goddess with a sapphire blue eyes, and one of her priests. Mun-Ha and a white temple cat (Sinh) who frequently accompanied Mun-Ha as he knelt in mediation before the golden goddess. As the holy priest prayed, Sinh would gaze at the brilliant goddess.

One night raiders attacked the temple, and Mun-Ha was killed. At the moment of Mun-Ha's death Sinh placed his feet on his fallen master and faced the golden goddess. Immediatly the hairs of his white coat were as golden as the light radiating from the beautiful goden goddess, her beautiful blue eyes became his very own, and his tour white legs shaded downwards to a velvety brown: but where feet rested gently on his dead master, the whiteness remained whit, thus denoting their purity.

The mystery of the origins of the Birman is an extension of the myth and moves to the end of the 19th century. In a similar incidence that had occured the legend, the sacred temple was once again attacked. Major Gordon Russel an officer in the english army serving Burma came to the aid of the priests. His position enable him to protect certain kittahs, or priests whose lives were in danger, and in return they shared the legend with him.



The modern history is almost as mysterious as its legendary origin. One explanation seems to be that, probably around 1918 or 1919, a pair of Birman cats were clandestinely shipped from Burma to France. It is said that they were sent to Gordon and Pavie who were both living in France at the time. It is also said that the male cat did not survive the arduous conditions of the long travel, but the female, Sita, did survive, and happily, was pregnant. The less romantic of writers about the Birman Breed are likely to be found writing that the Birmans are a Persian/siames cross.




The Birman has a wonderful balanced temperament. They are affectionate, very intelligent, playful cats, and are happiest in family or multi-pet households. Birmans also are curious, they like to find out what you are doing or about anything that is new. They are often very talkative, but are known for their very soft voices.
Birman coats are easy to care for because they not mat although they still need regular grooming.


It's generally a medium-sized cat with robust bone structure. Males are usually bigger and have a more massive head and a more majestic ruff than females.



Shape: Strong bone.
Forehead: slightly rounded
Cheeks: full, somewhat rounded
Nose: of medium length without stop, but with a slight indentation.
Chin: firm

Shape: not quite round, slightly oval.
Colour: deep blue.

Shape: rather small with rounded tips.
Placement: set slightly tipped, not too upright on the skull with good width between.

Structure: slightly long body. Males must be more massive than females .



Legs: Short and strong.

Paws : Rounded.

Tail : Of medium length, forming a plume.

Structure: long to semi-long, according to the actual parts of the body: short on the face, gradually growing longer on the cheeks to a full frill, long on the back and the flankssilky texturelittle undercoat.
Colour: shows all characteristics known from the colourpointed cats, but all four feet are white (gloves)the points include the face, ears, legs, tail and genitalsthe points shall be even and in good contrast to the body colourthe body colour and colour of the belly is a very pale eggshell; the back is golden beige in all varietiesonly in adult cats the colour of the points and the body colour are fully developed.

Gloves:  The special feature of the Sacred Birman is the white feet, called "gloves", on both the front and hind feetthese gloves must be absolutely pure whitethey should stop at the articulation or at the transition of toes to metacarpals, over which they should not extendslightly longer white gloves on the hind feet can be toleratedon the back of the hind feet the white gloves end in pointsthe ideal "gauntlets" end in inverted "V" and extend 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the hocklower or higher gauntlets are acceptable but should not go beyond the hockit is important that the gloves are equally long and show a symmetry of white, on either the two front or two hind feet, or even better, on all four feet.



Coat: pure white or coloured patches on the chest or the belly. 


Faults precluding the certificate:

Nose: incompletely pigmented nose leather.
Legs: creeping up of the white on the sides or the reverse sides of the gloves of front and/or hind feet (known as "runners"); absence of "gauntlets" on the hind feet.
Coat: white patching in the coloured areas or the reverse; a white patch on the genitals.


Seal Point 
(SBI n)


Cyrène C'est le Rêve!
(Cattery Swahili's)

Seal Lynx Point
(SBI n 21)

Bradley de l'Ange Mumiah
(Cattery l'Eclipse Sacrée)

Seal Tortie Point
(SBI f)

Mayuri's Lucy Jan
(Cattery Mayuri's)

Seal Tortie
Lynx Point
(SBI f 21)

Crisalys des Notes qui S'aiment
(Cattery La Révérence)

  Seal Silver Tortie
Lynx Point

Féerie de l'île Kohtao
(Cattery L'Île Kohtao)

Blue Point 
(SBI a)

Domino's Nice
(Cattery Paris Cat's)

Lynx Point
(SBI a 21)

Capone des Jardins de Calista

Blue-cream Point
(SBI g)

Boucle d'Or du Grand Baronnet
(Cattery Ange Mumiah)

Lynx Point
(SBI g 21)

Edelweiss du Royaume de Nefer
(Cattery Bossuet Perrières)

Chocolate Point 
(SBI b)
                       Divix du Graal                             
(Cattery Gants de Neige)

Chocolate Lynx Point
(SBI b 21)

Princess Caitlin of Holy Pluche
(Cattery Of Holy Pluche)

Chocolate Tortie Point
(SBI h)

Ariel van Ranthambhore
(Cattery Adoelle)

Chocolate Tortie
Lynx Point
(SBI h 21)
    Mayuri's Aylin Dylara
    (Cattery Mayuri's)

Lilac Point 
(SBI c)
    Aldo de Mazarme du Reuil                                     Dorian Montrachet de l'Ange Mumiah
         (Marie-Pierre's)                                                  (Cattery Baie des Amours)

Lynx Point
(SBI c 21)

Demoiselle de Mazarme du Reuil
(Cattery Clos de Savoie)

Lilac cream Point
(SBI i)

Xaylianne van Cheops
(Cattery Sunny Queen)

Lilac cream
Lynx Point
(SBI i 21)

Dune Silver Leona
(Cattery Désert de Saphirs)

Red Point 
(SBI d)

Erik Le Rouge de Chatterley
(Cattery Chatterley)

Lynx Point
(SBI d 21)

Enzo Mio des Minidoux
(Cattery Enclos du Feu Sacré)

Cream Point 
(SBI e)

Zhamanen Wayne
(Cattery Ange Mumiah)

Lynx Point
(SBI e 21)
Linéahuset's Monsieur Léon
(Cattery Castel Walou)

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