No kittens available. The breeding is off for few times



Picture Name Sex Color Disponibility Price

Available: The kitten hasn't find a family.
Option: Someone is interested by the kitten, it can become available again. Other request are welcome.
Booked: 300€ of deposit have been paid.
(if the person didn't finally want the kitten the deposit will be lost and the kitten could be available again)
Sold: The kitten has left the cattery.

Finding the right home for a kitten is a big responsibility and must be taken very seriously. I am sure prospective owners also take the choice of breeder seriously. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, and be prepared to be asked lots of questions in return.
Kittens of a particular quality, for showing or breeding are not common, therefore be patient and be prepared to wait. If you require a particular colour or sex, then the wait may be long.

My kittens are provided with a comprehensive care-pack consisting of:

Kitten Sales Contract
Pedigree- 4 generations
Microchip identification
Vaccinated two times and dewormed

Food starter pack
Kitten toys



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